Herbal Medicine

herbal medicineThe use of herbal medicine formulas has been an important part of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Herbal formulas are an important part of traditional Chinese medicine which is still practiced today in modern clinics and hospitals in China.
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Herbal formulas are safe, effective and affordable alternatives to prescription medications that, though approved by the FDA, are wrought with dangerous side effects, deadly interactions and eventual lawsuits for damages suffered by patients. Chinese herbal formulas have been used for thousands of years by physicians who kept copious records of plant species, preparations, dosages, clinical results, indications and contraindications.

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Blue Pearl Institute incorporates herbal formulas into its patients’ care plans along with acupuncture and other modalities. We choose trustworthy sources that sell products that have been tested for safety, purity and herbal concentrations.

Herbal medicine

Nutrition goes hand-in-hand with herbal medicine and together are powerful complements to disease management protocols. Patients who are needle-shy can experience the effectiveness of adding Oriental medicine to their health regimen by scheduling an Herbal Medicine consult through our online scheduling.