Fire Cupping Deep Tissue Therapy

What is Fire Cupping?
Fire cupping is an ancient Oriental deep tissue therapy has been used traditionally to relieve musculo-skeletal soreness or stiffness and upper respiratory distress. It also alleviates symptoms and shortens duration of acute onset communicable upper respiratory infections (colds, flu, bronchitis, etc.)

How does is work?
The technique works by applying deep suction to the back and/or neck with a heavy glass cup. An example is pictured below.

Typical fire cup

Typical fire cup


First oil, linaments, or alcohol are applied to the skin (depending on the condition being treated.) One or more cup(s) are quickly popped onto the affected area after creating a vacuum inside the cup.
This is usually done by holding a small torch (fire) inside for a second or two. The fire burns up oxygen inside the cup creating the vacuum as shown below.

Again, depending on the condition being treated, the cup(s) may remain stationary or they made be slid across the muscle (this helps to loosen adhesions especially in the facia). Cupping relaxes muscle, increases circulation, loosens adhesions, and detoxifies.


Regarding upper respiratory ailments, patients report shortened episodes and the expectoration of large quantities of mucus from the lungs (followed by feeling much better.)




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