Dream Interpretation

Since ancient times, dreams have been esteemed as deeply meaningful, as messages from the spirit world, from our higher selves, or more recently, from our sub-conscious. If that is the case, dreams remembered are our sub-conscious, breaking through to our consciousness.

Blue Pearl Institute offers Dream Interpretation among its many wellness services. This is not fortune telling or educated guessing. It is therapeutic. If you are seeking the meaning of a dream, it is because that dream has found its way into your waking life and you want to know what it all means.

Through systematic detailed analysis, our Dream Master pulls back the veil of mystery and “decodes” the often cryptically encoded messages of your dream. You will be amazed and entertained by the poetic and artful way your mind uses symbols, icons and subtle plays on words to compose its message. Once it’s revealed, you may find yourself wondering how you didn’t see the obvious meaning yourself (after all, you’re the one who came up with it).

Dream Analysis & Interpretation Session   $120
Session includes 20 minute phone interview (or face-to-face for local clients). Blue Pearl Institute’s Dream Master will first listen to your telling of the dream. The Dream Master will then interview you regarding specifics related to the dream. Once the interview has been concluded, the Dream Master will prepare your individual dream analysis & interpretation. The written report will be emailed to you within 48 hours. If you are not satisfied with your experience, a full refund will be given.

Purchase & Scheduling Instructions
Schedule your session by clicking on the Schedule Now link below. You may also schedule by calling 920-318-1352.

Payment is required at time of scheduling. You must provide your phone number (including area code) and email address when you schedule so the Dream Master can contact you for your interview and to send your analysis report. You will be called at the time you schedule, so please find a quiet place that will be free from distractions and interruptions during your 20-minute interview.

Please call 920-318-1352 to schedule in-person appointment in Fond du Lac.
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