Community Style Acupuncture Clinic


New Location at 74 S. Main St. Suite 106



Community Acupuncture Clinic Information

74 S. Main St., Ste. 106, Fond du Lac, WI

By appointment, morning, afternoon and evening hours available

Patient chooses amount between $25 – $50* (cash or check). There is a one-time $10 “Initial Appointment” charge for new patients

Why:     Acupuncture is more affordable, more accessible, and more effective in community

How:      Please call for an appointment at (920) 318-1352

Community Acupuncture  Treatment Room

Community Acupuncture Treatment Room

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There is 2-hour free parking on Main St in front of the building and metered municipal lots within a block of the building: Lots 14 & 18 off Macey, Lot 8 off Marr, Lot 6 off 1st E. of Main.

Payment Information:
In order to control costs, the Community Acupuncture Clinic prefers cash and check payments and does not bill insurance. A credit/debit card my be used for payment for an additional 2.75%.

How we can offer such low rates:
Like private acupuncture sessions, community acupuncture offers individualized treatments, but in a group setting, allowing the acupuncturist to care for more than one patient at a time. Regardless of what rate the patient chooses, they receive the same service as all other Community Acupuncture patients. Fees for Community Style Acupuncture at Blue Pearl Institute are on a sliding scale where the patient decides what they can afford between $25 – $45. We only ask that patients consider the value of the benefits they receive and the fact that the continuation of the clinic depends on their patronage.

Brief History of group acupuncture in the U.S.:
Acupuncturists, Lisa Rohleder and Skip Van Meter, developed Community Style Acupuncture first in Portland, Oregon, in 2002 and is based on traditional styles of treatment practiced in Asia.
Their goal was to make acupuncture accessible to everyone by removing one of the major barriers to most patients: expense.

Acupuncture in community makes treatment more effective in two ways. First, research shows that acupuncture in community or a group setting, is as effective or more effective than treatments in isolation. Second, for many ailments, research shows acupuncture is most effective with frequent and regular treatments. Community acupuncture relieves the financial burden and allows patients to be seen as often as needed, making treatment regimens more effective.

These rates apply only to the Community Acupuncture Clinic at our Fond du Lac location. These rates do not apply to private acupuncture sessions.